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Coming October, 2021

From BAEN Books

Three habitable planets, one star system, the future of mankind in the balance.


Captain Jared Clement is a war-weary hero of an unsuccessful civil war. But now, one of his former comrades has hand picked him from the scrap-heap of his life in space and given him a new assignment; command of humanity’s first faster-than-light prototype vessel to the resource-rich worlds of the Trinity star system.


It seems like an easy enough assignment, until he and the crew of the 5 Suns Navy Gunship Beauregard arrive at Trinity. They soon encounter a generation ship from Earth, filled with military equipment and personnel, preparing for an invasion of the Trinity worlds. Once on the surface of the planet Bellus, they discover a new complication, natives. Human natives.


While Clement and his crew try to unravel the mystery of the Trinity natives, they also have to fight a battle against a vastly superior enemy in space. But soon an even greater enemy arrives, and Clement realizes he’s been betrayed. Now one lonely ship stands against two great powers, hoping against hope that they can keep the small human populations of Trinity from being enslaved!

The Lightship Chronicles Series

Impulse, Starbound, Defiant

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Dave's first series, a trilogy from DAW Books.

The Lightship Chronicles tells the story of Peter Cochrane, a young royal thrust into the Unified Space Navy before he is truly ready. In Impulse, Peter rises through the ranks aboard the USN IMPULSE, and his heroics save the day. In Starbound, Peter faces the threat of the newly reborn First Empire, fighting to protect his world and their allies. In Defiant, Peter gets his first command, and must face down his mortal enemy, the traitorous Prince Arin of Carinthia, all while trying to protect the worlds of the Union from an even more dangerous enemy lurking in deep space.


Other Books By Dave Bara

Speedwing, Void Ship, Saint Cochrane's World

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