VOID SHIP is Here!

A dark Void of dead space...

One empire consumed, two other’s survival hanging in the balance...

Ambassador Tam Renwick of the Terran Unity carries the critical Treaty of Pentauri back to the Raelen Empire's home world of Raellos. Without the treaty both empires might die, consumed by the Void. But before Renwick can complete his mission, the Unity cruiser Phaeton is ambushed and Renwick and his crew flee out of control - and into the Void.

Unexpectedly they are rescued by the "Void Ship" Kali, an alien vessel completely run by androids with a holographic Captain whose human body disappeared over 300 years ago. Together with the crew of the Kali Renwick must rescue his abducted friends, forge new alliances within the Void itself, and stop a war from breaking out with an alien force that has used the Void as a weapon to conquer all of humanity!

Saint Cochrane's World

After five years of training at the Royal Academy on the capitol world of Corant, Dane Cochrane is looking forward to celebrating his achievements with his family and friends on his home world of Quantar. Booking passage on the Imperial Starliner Vixis, Dane settles quickly into a life of luxury as one of the ruling class. But Dane has a problem; someone wants him dead. In fact, a lot of people seem to want him dead.


Caught up in a whirlwind of kidnappings, assassination attempts, escapes and rescues, Dane seeks to gain only one thing, his freedom to fight against his family’s enemies.  Soon Dane is in a fierce battle against the forces conspiring to kill him and keep him forever from inheriting his birthright… Saint Cochrane's World.


Volume III of the Lightship Chronicles is now available in hardback from from DAW Books in the US and Canada!

Peter Cochrane and his new wife, Karina, have been married less than a year. And although things have been quiet with the old Empire during that time, they're about to get a lot hotter. Peter and Karina find themselves on a diplomatic mission to Korivar, an old ally of Pendax, the newest member of the Union. But during their mission the government of Korivar attacks Peter's new command, Defiant, and tries to assassinate him and his new wife. Peter responds the only way he can, with all the power at his disposal to protect Karina and Defiant.

But Defiant is quickly called away to Skondar, where Peter's old flame Dobrina Kierkopf and her new ship Impulse II has come under attack by the Butcher of Carinthia, Prince Arin. Defiant chases away the prince, but soon Peter finds himself racing towards the mysterious world of Altos, where he discovers an unpleasant truth about the Union's allies, the Historians of Earth.

Arin escapes Peter and the Union Navy fleet pursue him to the ancient Imperial home world of Corant, where the two men battle over the future of humanity; Union, or Empire!


The paperback edition of STARBOUND is now available at Amazon, B&N, and all fine book retailers for just $7.99!






The Lightship H.M.S. IMPULSE is gone, sacrificed while defeating First Empire ships the fragile new galactic alliance had hoped it would never see again...


For Peter Cochrane, serving as third officer aboard his world's flagship, H.M.S STARBOUND is a dream that's finally come true. Tasked with investigating a mysterious space station in a newly re-discovered star system, Peter and STARBOUND face a terrible attack. The wounds of that battle may heal with time, but the war is far from over as the First Empire returns, aided by new traitors from within the Union itself!




The Lightship Chronicles, Volume I


A remote solar system...
A fragile galactic alliance...
An interstellar war on the brink of eruption...

When the Union Navy Lightship H.M.S. IMPULSE is attacked without provocation, Lt. Peter Cochrane, son of the Grand Admiral, is sent to investigate.

On his first deep space mission, this isn't what Peter had planned for. Surrounded by strangers from a foreign world and following secret orders, is he willing to do what it takes to keep the alliance together? Even mutiny?

Book one in The Lightship Chronicles, a groundbreaking new action-adventure space opera from Dave Bara


IMPULSE is available from fine retailers worldwide. There are 5 editions, DAW Books Hardback (Shown), Del Rey UK (Worldwide English, paperback), Audible (Audio book), Heyne (Germany), and Hayakawa (Japan, coming soon!)




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