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2018 And Beyond

Just a few thoughts on what I think the new year holds for me.

So far in 2018, I've just published VOID SHIP as a Kindle eBook and print book on Amazon, and as a Nook Press eBook. I think VOID SHIP is a terrific book, but the fact is I had a hard time placing it with a professional publisher. I got nice comments from everyone, but no one stepped up to buy it, and my agent never really got behind it. Given those circumstances, rather than letting a good book sit unpublished, I decided to publish it myself under my own imprint, StarSpin Press. Now what is StarSpin Press, you might ask? Right now, it's just me running the show, publishing my own stuff.

Next on the docket is a new edition of my 2012 YA SF novel SPEEDWING. SPEEDWING was originally published by Whiskey Creek Press. They however published the book without proper editing, and as a result I had a VERY adult YA book on my hands. The novel was short as it was originally intended as the first installment in a 3 book series. I have now re-aquired the publishing rights and I am currently working on an updated and expanded edition that should take it from about 60,000 words to 80k or more, making it a full length novel. I hope to have that project complete in maybe a month and a half, with hopefully a publishing date of March or April with a new cover. As always, it will be available in both print and paper editions.

After that I should get back to my work in progress, TRINITY, an SF novel intended for the New York market. When I have that done it will go off to my agent for his review. I hope to have that complete by summer time, with luck.

Then comes a return to the Lightship Chronicles universe. While I was writing IMPULSE a large portion of the book (about 27,000 words) was deleted and replaced. Originally I just decided to scrap this portion of the book, but lately I've been seeing this as an opportunity for a new LC adventure. A lot will change, but a lot will stay the same. The story will be called PLAGUE SHIP, and will take place about 1 year after the events of DEFIANT. I won't tell you much about the story, except to say that it will involve our favorite royal Lightship captain and an old friend, Captain Lucius Zander, taking a little side-quest in the midst of their now uneventful lives.

Somewhere in there I hope to publish a 40,000 word collection of short stories tentatively called "Dark Days and Other Stories". These are all my published stories plus a few that have never seen the light of day.

After that I will be pushing on the next LC book, "ENDEAVOR". As you can see, we have a ways to go yet!

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