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Wow it's been a long time since I've updated. Bad me.

Not a lot of new news to tell you. I have submitted a story for a proposed new Baen Books anthology that doesn't have a name yet, or even an approval to go forward. The story is a space opera piece called "As It Began", and it's a very romantic kind of thing. Much different than most of what I've written before. When I have news on that, I will forward.

My new novel "Trinity" has been shelved for a while, but the story still swirls in my head pending some more time to write it. We're at 40k words and slowly growing.

Lately my mind has been on that "Endeavor" project I told you about, a book 4 of the Lightship Chronicles. Only maybe it's not. Right now it's a measly 4,000 words, but it is a good 4,000 words. It does focus (currently) on a certain female ship captain we all know and love, and there is a ship called Endeavor in it, but I'm not sure it's going to stay as part of the LC universe or make its own way into a different, original 'verse. And it has a different title now, "Fleet Captain", part of a potential trilogy that would include "Commodore's Command" and "Fleet Admiral" if it makes it that far. Right now it's just a nascent idea, but it seems to me it has legs. We'll see.

More later,


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