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So after several weeks of unsuccessfully trying to access the Random House Author Portal, I finally got back in and ran some numbers on The Lightship Chronicles series. According to DAW I've sold over 27,000 books (out of 32,000 shipped). I'm still selling around 70 books a week, and probably about 8,000 since DAW decided to drop me as an author and the series with it. So that's 8,000 book sales with zero support from the publisher.

I'm rather proud of that. I'm guessing DAW will likely be sending me royalty checks for another couple years because publishers still like making money, and if I'm getting checks in the low thousands they're likely making money in the low ten-thousands off of me.

If I add in my UK sales and my Japanese sales, my guess is I'm closing in on 35,000 total world wide. Again, I'm proud of that number.

And yes Virginia, there is a 4th book. I'm working on "Fleet Captain" right now, and it continues our story, just changing the emphasis onto different characters for a while. I'll say more about that when I have more to talk about. Selling a sequel to a series that was dropped is a hard thing to accomplish in New York publishing, but I'm just gonna write what I love and let the chips fall where they may.

Trinity is still out there but I've realized where my passion lies right now and it's with Fleet Captain. I will come back to Trinity when FC is done.

In the mean time, peace and love this holiday season.


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